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Fifth Grade

Please enjoy this video from our fifth grade teacher, Nicholas Hughes, as he gives an overview of our fifth grade program.

We are now accepting applications for the 22-23 school year. Spots are limited and will be filled according to the order in which applications are received.

Curriculum Overview

These are the main skills your fifth grade student will learn:

  • Reading/Language Arts

    • Author's Purpose

    • Cause and Effect

    • Fact or Opinion

    • Compare and Contrast

    • Main Idea and Details

    • Make Inferences and Draw Conclusions

    • Author's Point of View

    • Analyze Setting

    • Analyze Plot

    • Analyze Character

    • Problem and Solution

    • Narrative Point of View

    • Author's Point of View

    • Sequence Events

    • Novel Study

  • English/Grammar

    • Subjects and Predicates

    • Sentence Types

    • Conjunctions and Preposition

    • Nouns, Proper Nouns, and Pronouns

    • Verbs and Verb Tenses

    • Capitalization and Punctuation

    • Vocabulary

    • Prefixes, Suffixes, and Root Words

    • Figurative language and Idioms

  • Writing

    • Power Paragraphs

    • Write opinion, persuasive, and position pieces

    • Write informative/explanatory/expository/compare and contrast pieces

    • Write narrative pieces

    • Write poetry

    • Write prayers using personal reflection

  • Math

    • Place Value

    • Multiplication

    • Long Division

    • Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, and Dividing Fractions

    • Data and probability

    • Geometry

  • Science

    • Ecosystems & the Food Web

    • Water Cycle & Earth's Systems

    • Sun, Moon, Stars, & Planets

    • Chemical Reactions and Properties of Matter

  • Social Studies

    • Map Skills

    • The Five Themes of Geography

    • Ancient Latin American Civilizations

    • Civics

    • Historical Habits of Mind

  • Religion

    • Lives of the Saints

    • The Seven Sacraments

    • The Beatitudes

    • Corporal/Spiritual Works of Mercy

    • Parts of the Bible

      • Old and New Testament

      • Identify Scripture verses

    • Types of Prayer (Praise, Petition, Thanksgiving, Contrition)

    • Learn to be kind, courageous and Christ-like


See our class in action!

Classroom Information

The fifth-grade classroom adheres to COVID-19 safety protocols by keeping all desks six feet apart and in rows. This, combined with routine practice of movements about the classroom, effectively keep masks on at all time within the confines of the room. Students move about the classroom one at a time, whether to walk towards the front of the classroom to turn in materials, or to move to the back of the classroom to retrieve materials (notebooks, utensils, and textbooks) from their cubbies. Bathroom breaks, blowing noses, and drinks of water are also ordered in such a way that reduces the risk of any transmission of germs. Student use the bathroom one a time during scheduled breaks during the day and may only blow their noses and gets drinks of water once they have walked to the classroom door and face the hallway. Hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, and face masks are always available at Mr. Hughes' desk for use by students.

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