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See our class in action!

Sixth/Seventh Grade

Welcome to the 6th and 7th grade in Room 17 at St. Clare of Montefalco School. This year is like none other in all my years teaching, and that’s not because we are a 6/7 blend!

Like all other years, we have Muggy Mondays, Topic Tuesdays, Word Wednesdays, Syllable Ladders, and the occasional Fun Friday. We “unpack” short stories and read novels. We are studying early United States History and examining the role of Jesus Christ in our lives. And our ever-growing cadre of plants keep us company through it all.


The Covid-19 virus demands extraordinary measures from our school, and we are meeting them in Room 17. Students are masked all day and seated 6 feet apart. They line up 6 ft. apart and have recess 6 ft. apart. I might add, they also talk to each other from 6 ft. apart! What was a whisper is now a dull roar. Along with pencil pouches, they must always have hand sanitizer, a tissue box and cleaning wipes. Students do not travel to other classrooms for their classes. Instead, teachers travel to them in Room 17. While the students are handling all this with aplomb, we spend time for a Mindful Monday session with a social worker sharing our feelings and discussing stress-reducing techniques during this strange time.

You are welcome to visit us in Room 17 -virtually for now, and hopefully in person soon!


- Ms. White 

Eighth Grade

Hello, I am Ms. Knaus. I teach the 6th through 8th grade math and science, as well as 8th grade reading and religion. Eighth grade science is focused on physical science and 6th/7th science focuses on life science. Eighth grade reading focuses on nonfiction stories, and in 8th grade religion we are preparing for Confirmation.

I use a variety of textbooks, our smartboard, and the students' Chromebooks to explore the subject matter. We also use instructional websites such as IXL and Accelerated Reader. During distance learning, I use Zoom meetings. Some of our assignments are completed in Google classroom, while others are done in paper and pen. If a student is struggling with anything, we can have a special Zoom meeting.

- Ms. Knaus

See our class in action!

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