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First Grade

Please enjoy this video from our first grade teacher, Cheryl Wilson, as she gives an overview of our first grade program. 

We are now accepting applications for the 22-23 school year. Spots are limited and will be filled according to the order in which applications are received.

Curriculum Overview

These are the main skills your first grade student will learn:

  • Reading

    • Author studies/Themes

    • Narrative Retelling

      • Character

      • Setting

      • Beginning, Middle, End

    • Informational Texts

      • Main Idea

      • Supporting Details

      • Text Features

    • Reading Groups

      • Based on reading levels determined by assessments

  • Phonics

    • Consonant sounds

    • Vowels (short, long, teams)

    • Digraphs & Letter Blends

    • Word families

    • Blending/Segmenting words

    • Basic grammar

  • Writing

    • Mechanics

    • Explanatory/Informational writing

    • Narrative writing

    • Opinion pieces

    • Poetry

    • Prayer

    • Research paper

    • Daily journal writing

  • Math

    • Shapes

    • Time

    • Money

    • Graphing

    • Numbers 1-120

    • Addition/Subtraction (fluency to 20)

    • Place value up to a 100

    • Fractions

  • Science

    • Waves

      • Light and Sound

      • Vibrations 

    • Plants and Animals

    • Space Systems

    • Patterns and Cycles

    • Engineering Design​

  • Social Studies

    • Living and Working Together in Families and Schools

    • The World in Spatial Terms

    • Places and Regions

    • Purposes of Government

    • Values and Principles of American Democracy

    • Roles of the Citizen in American Democracy

    • Market Economy

    • Identifying and Analyzing Public Issues

  • Religion

    • Parts of the Mass

    • Stories from the Bible

    • Teachings of Jesus

    • Beginning Catechism of the Catholic Church

    • Weekly Mass Attendance


See our class in action!

Classroom Information

Welcome to our 1st Grade classroom. We have made some changes due to Covid-19, but we will have a lot of fun in 1st grade. Students have their own desks spaced apart, and we all wear masks to keep us safe. We still enjoy all the fun things about 1st grade. We read stories, practice handwriting and phonics, and we are learning to be great writers. We participate together in math and have found some great virtual manipulatives like cubes and number lines. We have fun lessons in science and social studies. All 1st graders also have an iPad to use in the classroom on fun websites like RAZ Kids and IXL. First grade is a wonderful year, and it is great to hear the students learning how to read.

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