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Meet our Educators

Kowalczyk CSNA_Fr. Andrew56 (1).JPG

Fr. Andrew Kowalczyk, CSMA

"I am the proud pastor of our St. Clare of Montefalco Community. We are blessed by the best!  Come become part of our community, all are welcome!"

Crowley_Ms. Ann K22.JPG

Ann K. Crowley

"Starting my educational career at St. Therersa/Visitation Catholic School, years and multiple rich educational experiences later, I find myself home and honored to be the principal at St. Clare of Montefalco Catholic School."

Cooley headshot.JPG

Samantha Cooley

Assistant Principal

"I began my teaching career at St. Clare, and I am blessed to continue serving as a leader in this wonderful school community."

Avery_Sr. Kathy7.JPG

Sr. Kathy Avery

Director of Religious Education

"I am a member of the Servants of Mary Religious Community, and I have been part of the St. Clare community for 13 years."

Albright_Mrs. Valerie4.JPG

Valerie Albright

Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Albright joined the St. Clare community first as a parent and now continues her involvement by working in the office. Her three children currently attend St. Clare. We love our St. Clare family!

Valentini_Mrs. Nancy118.JPG

Nancy Valentini

3-Year-Old Preschool

"It is my absolute pleasure to be at St. Clare of Montefalco Catholic School teaching our youngest students. My roots at St. Clare go back many years to when my children were students here. Once a Falcon, always a Falcon!"

Reik_Ms. Sue88.JPG

Sue Reik

4-Year-Old Preschool

"As a preschool teacher, I plant the seeds of knowledge that last a lifetime."

Pawlowski_Mrs. Kathy76.JPG

Kathy Pawlowski

"I enjoy singing, learning about Jesus, teaching reading and writing, introducing new concepts in Math, Science, and Social Studies, drawing pictures, doing projects, and having fun with your children!"

Wilson_Mrs. Cheryl128 (1).JPG

Cheryl Wilson

"I am a mom to my wonderful son and daughter. I am a faith-filled person who enjoys spending time with my family, taking walks and loves drinking coffee."

Martin_Ms. Jacqueline82.JPG

Jacqueline Martin

Mrs. Martin is joining St. Clare school after a background in counseling and education. Welcome to St. Clare, Ms. Goodney!

Harris_Ms. Meghan40.JPG

Meghan Harris

Third/Fourth Grade

Ms. Harris has held many roles at St. Clare - lunch coordinator, substitute teacher, and office support. Now she has returned to the classroom, which is her favorite place to be!

Tannheimer_Ms. Laura127.JPG

Laura Tannheimer

4th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Tannheimer joins the St. Clare staff after years or experience in other Catholic Schools. Her three children attend St. Clare School.

Hughes_Mr. Nicholas57.JPG

Nicholas Hughes

Mr. Hughes joins St. Clare of Montefalco for his first teaching position. He is part of the ACE program through University of Notre Dame and is thrilled to join the St. Clare school community.

White_Ms. Mary122.JPG

Mary White

"Many years ago, I chose St. Clare of Montefalco to educate my 3 children, and to this day, I am thankful I did.  Eight years ago, when the opportunity presented itself, I chose to join St. Clare of Montefalco  staff, and I am thankful I did!"

Knaus_Ms. Louann55.JPG

LouAnn Knaus

Seventh/Eighth Grade

"I have had the pleasure of teaching at St Clare School for 35 years.  I am the 8th grade homeroom teacher, math to the 5th to 8th grade, 8th reading, vocabulary and religion teacher."

Fadanelli_Ms. Danuta31.JPG

Danuta Fadanelli

Middle School Science

Ms. Fadanelli is a parishioner who brings her knowledge of science and experimentation to our middle school program after years of experience in public schools.

Caito Sr._Sr. Mary Peter13.JPG

Sr. Mary Peter

Elementary Religion Teacher

"I teach religion to our young students, helping them to form a relationship with the Lord and to live out the Gospel message in their lives."

Irvin-Stanley_Mrs. Jean58.JPG

Jean Irvin-Stanley

Latchkey Director

"I am blessed to have been part of St. Clare of Montefalco for many years as a parent, volunteer, and staff member. Currently I am the latchkey director and grandmother of a first grader."

Miller_Ms. Nicole68 (1).JPG

Nicole Walker

Title I Teacher

"I am the Title I teacher at St. Clare, and I am very grateful to be a part of our amazing St. Clare school community."


Nicole Pyles

In her first year at St. Clare, Ms. Pyles has created many opportunities for students to use their artistic skills.

Conlan_Mrs. Michelle16.JPG

Michelle Conlan

Physical Education Teacher

Mrs. Conlan is in her third year teaching at St. Clare after a career of teaching physical education in public school systems.

Malabed_Mrs. Connie79.JPG

Connie Malabed

Music Teacher

Mrs. Malabed's experience in music and ministry have made her a valuable asset to the St. Clare school community.

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